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5 Mistakes That Can Hurt You

I have listed some tips below so you don’t make mistakes that hurt you.

Since each case is different and the law is complicated, I cannot list every mistake to watch out for, but I hope this information helps you.

1.  If you settle your case and do not tell the people who paid your medical bills, it could hurt your health insurance and government benefits:

Most health insurance policies require you to contact them before you settle your case.  If you settle your claim without contacting them, it could hurt or cancel your benefits.  Likewise, you can also hurt your government benefits if you don’t contact them before you settle.  These organizations include Medicaid, Medicare, the VA, military benefits, union benefits, and worker’s compensation.

2.  Lost wages and disability slips:

If you are losing money because you can’t work, it is very important to ask your doctor for a disability slip.  Insurance companies and their attorneys will usually not pay for your lost wages if there is no disability slip, even in obvious cases.  Likewise, when your doctor says it is okay to go back to work, you should get a work release. 

3.  Save any casts and physical items and take photos:

If you have a cast, crutches, braces, or other physical items, save them as evidence.  Also, take photos of your injuries and any damage to your car.

4.  Your doctors are important. Tell them about all your injuries and do not miss appointments:

It is important to keep all health care appointments.  If you miss one, the insurance company and their defense attorneys will always argue that the injuries must not have been serious.  Always tell your doctor all your injuries, even if one injury hurts the most.  Do not minimize your injuries, but also do not exaggerate them.  Your healthcare providers are some of the most important witnesses in your case.  Be respectful to them.

5.  If you have made up your mind to hire an attorney, it is better to Do It Now and not later:

Once you have decided to hire an attorney, Do Not Wait. An attorney can reduce your stress, answer your questions, and stop the insurance company from taking advantage of you.

I have seen local insurance companies take advantage of trusting Alaskans.

One insurance company in Anchorage even tape- recorded its own injured customer over the phone without telling her!  That person was my client Marie, and I sued the insurance company for not playing fair.

If you need help today, then all you have to do is call me now at 1 (800) 478-3004. Call anytime. There is no charge to talk to us.

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